Yo, Guidos and Guidettes: Vacation Packages for Jersey Shore Fans

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Oh Jersey Shore. I hated the first episode, but then my friend Caitlin insisted I give this MTV reality show another chance. So I did and I soon became completely obsessed with this group of 20-somethings who proudly called themselves Guidos and Guidettes (pictured above) as they lived it up in MTV's beach house in Seaside Heights, NJ. Is it any wonder that the New Jersey tourism board wasn't pleased with this portrayal? Well, the show might be encouraging tourism after all…

According to, people are already stopping by the unoccupied beach house and having their friends take pictures of them fist-pumping out in front of it. The website also points out that the 6-bedroom house, which is available for weekend rental for $2,500, hasn't seen much interest. But the Jersey Shore is totally dead until Memorial Day Weekend, so that doesn't really mean much. And by the time prom season gets going, I'm sure the house will get plenty of bookings — I just hope they have cleaned the hot tub since the cast left!)

Tropicana So, we'll have to wait and see if Seaside Heights gets a boon in tourism thanks to show. I doubt people are going to avoid it based on Pauly D and Snooki's antics or Ronnie and Sammy Sweetheart's lover quarrels. It's already a popular place because of it's boardwalk and its, er, active nightlife. My Australian friend Felicity, who has never been to any of the Jersey Shore towns, thought it looked like a fun girl's weekend getaway, although probably more in an ironic sense. (I would recommend that she visit one of the more upscale towns, like Bay Head or Spring Lake.)

So while Seaside Heights is seasonal, nearby gambling mecca Atlantic City is a year-round destination. One of the most memorable Jersey Shore episodes is when the gang goes to party at the Tropicana Resort & Casino, pictured left. (Who can forget JWoww beating up The Situation?) And now the hotel is offering two packages designed for Jersey Shore fans.

Starting at $878 per room per night for four people, The Tropicana's "Jersey Shore Package" features overnight accommodations in a standard room, dinner at the hotel's Il Verdi restaurant and breakfast at Seaside Café. Also included is a gift certificate to the Tropicana Salon for "Jersey Shore Dos", which would be poufs/bumpits like Snooki or bullet-proof blow-outs like Pauly D, as well as a room service basket stocked with Italian delights (including prosciutto, soppresata, biscotti, breadsticks, etc.) to give your group the strength to dance the night away with VIP admission to Providence nightclub.

But for really die-hard fans, that all might not be enough. So if you want to stay in the actual suite where JWoww had to be restrained from pummeling The Situation further, go for the "Jersey Shore Package – Baccarat Suite Option" for a whopping $4,250 per night for Thursday through Saturday night, priced for four people. And of course you also get all of the perks offered above.

Both packages are offered through June 26th, although certain date restrictions apply. To make a reservation, call 1-800-345-8767.

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