Archive | March, 2010

Photographer’s Special: Rufford Abbey is Fun to Photograph

Rufford Abbey, a crumbling monastery-turned-country-house, ended up being one of my favorite attractions in Nottinghamshire, and possibly in all of England. It used to be within what was officially considered Sherwood Forest (home of the Major Oak), but as the forest's land has been divided up it's now its own Rufford Abbey Country Park. It's […]

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Following in the Footsteps of Robin Hood on the Archery Range

Robin Hood was a master of archery — that's how he survived the Crusades, attacked the Sheriff's men and put food on the table. So after following in Robin Hood's footsteps by visiting Nottingham Castle, City of Caves and the Major Oak, we decided to go practice our archery skills at the Adrenalin Jungle in […]

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Yes, The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest is Pretty Major

Legend has it that the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest was a hiding spot for Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. The Major Oak has a major reputation to live up to, and I'm pleased to report that it did. That's a good thing, because Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve's 400,000 visitors per […]

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Yo, Guidos and Guidettes: Vacation Packages for Jersey Shore Fans

Oh Jersey Shore. I hated the first episode, but then my friend Caitlin insisted I give this MTV reality show another chance. So I did and I soon became completely obsessed with this group of 20-somethings who proudly called themselves Guidos and Guidettes (pictured above) as they lived it up in MTV's beach house in […]

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