Greetings from Park City, Utah!


Greetings from Park City, Utah! I’ve been here for about eight hours and so far my impression is that it’s similar to Breckenridge, CO, but at a noticeably lower altitude. That’s a good thing because I adore the vibe of
Breck — a fun ski town with a mining heritage — but I have found its base altitude of 9600 ft. uncomfortable to adjust to (headaches, etc.) since I’m coming from sea level. Park City has a base altitude of 6900 ft and so far I have found it much easier to acclimate — the real test will be when I hit the slopes tomorrow.

If I was really ambitious, I could have taken advantage of the Park City Quick START, which lets you ski for free on the day that you fly into Salt Lake City airport. My flight got in around 2PM, so this wouldn’t have been easy but it would have been possible with some serious rushing. I didn’t even attempt it because A) I wanted to adjust to the altitude and B) I had to rent skis (which became today’s most important errand). But if you have an early enough flight and a lot of stamina, it’s a great deal.


Our flight from New York had some excellent scenery as we flew over the mountains and as we approached Salt Lake City (pictured left). It wasn’t the most pleasant flight, however, as I was seated in front of two rambunctious toddlers who did not seem to enjoy the airplane experience. But the flight itself was very smooth and even got in early, so I can’t really complain too much.

We were able to get our rental car easily right at the airport and then drove about 30 minutes to Park City. Since we’re staying right in the heart of town, we endlessly debated whether or not we should rent a car or just rely on shuttles, buses, etc. I’ll let you know if it was worth it!

After renting our skis, we relaxed back at the condo until it was time for dinner. I had made reservations at Zoom, one of Park City’s most popular restaurants. Opened by Robert Redford and owned by the Sundance Resort, this New American restaurant had quite good food (I had mac ‘n’ cheese app and the chicken caesar salad, husband had the ribeye ) and the kind of lively, upscale-casual vibe we were hoping for. After dinner, we walked home through the festive town, which has a rich mining history and opened its first ski resort in 1963. I’m looking forward to a good day of skiing tomorrow!


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  1. Wandering Justin December 29, 2009 at 12:15 pm #

    A quick word for ya on adjusting to altitude: Your body really doesn’t start to adjust for a good 24 hours. At that point, you’ll start producing more red blood cells to carry more oxygen, which is the cause of that high-altitude feeling we all love so much. I’d chalk that first-day tired effect up to being in the airplane where we get starved and dehydrated! I’ve talked myself into doing more when I arrive with this info.
    Nice to know about the QuickSTART … good find! Enjoy yourself!

  2. Meisha December 30, 2009 at 10:25 am #

    Great to meet you yesterday! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your ski day. Happy New Year.

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