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My Top 10 Travel Moments of 2009

Recently I did a post about the top 10 trips I wish had taken this year, but I really can't imagine 2009 having been a better travel year for me. Choosing my top 10 travel moments from this year wasn't easy — I feel like every trip I took deserved its own top 10! But I finally […]

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San Juan Marriott Resort Runs a Cool Contest on Twitter

A lot of hotels are on Twitter, and as a travel blogger, I follow a lot of them. Not only are they great contributors to the Twitter-wide travel conversation, but sometimes they offer Twitter-only deals. Starting tomorrow morning (Monday, Dec. 21st), the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino is doing something a little different […]

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BYOB: Bring Your Own… Bed Bug Repellent?

When I travel, one of my fears is that the hotel where I'm staying will have bed bugs. Now, I've never actually encountered a bed bug (either at a hotel or elsewhere) but I never know when my luck will run out! From what I can tell from the reviews on, bed bugs don't […]

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