Grand Anse Beach vs. Petite Anse Beach in Grenada


Is bigger always better? I’m talking about beaches here…

When I arrived in Grenada, I was immediately smitten with Grand Anse Beach, which was right by my hotel. I’m hardly the first person to love Grand Anse — it’s widely regarded as the island’s best beach and one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. It’s two miles wide with soft white sand, calm turquoise water in varying gradients of turquoise and views of lush green mountains with colorful houses. Lots of hotels, including some of Grenada’s best, line the beach but they feel unobtrusive because they’re low rises.

On the third day of my stay, I visited Petite Anse Beach (pictured left). Located on the northern end of the island (Grand Anse is on the southwest corner), Petite Anse is small but substantial. The sand is golden, the palm trees tall and the water wavy enough for body boarding. Plus there’s a view of the outlying islands in the distance. It has a very natural, wild feel.

All beaches in Grenada are public, but Petite Anse is secluded whereas Grand Anse is definitely not. I’m not under the impression that Grand Anse ever gets super-crowded, as Grenada is not a mass tourist destination and doesn’t appear to be too heavily populated. But since I was there in the low season, mid-October, when it was quiet (as you can see in the photo below), I can’t say for sure. Also, there are vendors on Grand Anse beach, and while I saw very few, there are probably more in the high season.

I can’t imagine Petite Anse beach ever gets too crowded, even if all the guests from the upscale Petite Anse Hotel are down there. (And chances are good that some will opt for the infinity pool.) If you’re looking for a romantic place to stay, this out-of-the-way hotel would be my pick. But Petite Anse Beach also makes a good day trip, especially because the hotel restaurant is excellent and serves locally-sourced food.

So which beach is better? Well, that’s entirely in the eye of the beach-holder. But Grand Anse and Petite Anse are two very different beaches with similar names, and both are spectacular.


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3 Responses to Grand Anse Beach vs. Petite Anse Beach in Grenada

  1. jen laceda October 23, 2009 at 12:15 pm #

    Grenada is the spice island, right? Yum, I can just imagine the food…

  2. Jo January 9, 2010 at 11:01 am #

    And at Petite Anse, there is the Petite Anse Hotel too… and that is a treat in itself

  3. Tina Rhodes February 8, 2010 at 4:52 am #

    I know that Greneda is second largest producer of nutmeg in the World!

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