Lotsa Lobster and Perfect Weather in Kennebunkport, Maine


So far, the weather has been gorgeous for this Labor Day Weekend. At least it has been in Ridgefield, CT. Last year, the weather was perfect too. I was in Kennebunkport, ME, and amazingly enough it was in the 80s and sunny for the entire time. Quite unusual for Maine!


When I went to Maine as a child with my family, we stayed at The Colony Hotel (pictured left), a grand dame that recalls another era. I remember going out to look at the lovely ocean view and seeing… nothing. That's because the famous Maine fog had rolled in. But when I was there in September 2008, it was blue skies all around. The Colony Hotel is more of a family hotel (although still a good place to go for a drink to take in the views and the old-time atmosphere), so my husband and I opted to stay in one of the ubiquitous bed-and-breakfasts instead.

We chose the Captain Fairfield Inn and were not disappointed. It offered the best breakfasts I've ever had at a B&B — creative two-course breakfasts consisting of a fruit and muffin/pastry starter and then a hot item like waffles or eggs. It was cute and well-located, but the breakfasts are what really set it apart from the rest of the lodging options.

Our breakfasts were the only non-lobster meals we ate while in Kennebunkport because we didn't want to waste any lobster eating opportunities. We ate at two old-school lobster joints: Nunan's Lobster Hut and Mabel's Lobster Claw. For a fancier dinner one night, we went to Pier 77. All three restaurants are highly recommended.

It might sound like all we did was eat, but that's not quite true. We took the Intown Trolley tour, which goes past President Bush's estate, local beaches and the Franciscan monastery. If it's your first time in Kennebunkport (or if you haven't been there in over 15 years), the tour is a must-do because it provides a great overview and helps you get your bearings.

We took advantage of the warm weather and spent a lot of time on the beach. It was easy to cool off from the sun — all we had to do was to put our feet in the water and they'd be numb in no time. The water was freezing and we barely saw anyone swimming. There are wide, sandy beaches right in town, but we preferred the more natural and secluded beaches. Parsons Beach was our favorite. Not only for its dunes (pictured at top), but for the beautiful marshland right before the sand (pictured at bottom. We also liked Goose Rocks Beach, which is in residential area.


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  1. Heather on her travels September 6, 2009 at 4:34 pm #

    Sounds like muffins for breakfast and lobster for dinner is the only thing you need – yummy combination.

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