Archive | September, 2009

Scenes from Durga Puja 2009 in Calcutta

(photos by Nandini Banerjee) The four-day Hindu festival of Durga Puja that takes place every fall all over eastern region of India is underway. It's become more about expressing folk artistry and playing traditional music than about the religion itself, which makes it an ideal celebration for foreigners to attend. The decorations and makeshift temples […]

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Portmeirion is More Than Just Pottery

I’ve known about Portmeirion dishes for years — I’ve seen the botanical print pottery in many department stores. But I didn’t know why they were called Portmeirion or really anything about them aside from their existence. It turns out that the company takes its name from Portmeirion, Wales (pictured above), an Italianate resort village on […]

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The Smallest House in Great Britain Has a Great Location

Isn’t the real estate mantra “location, location, location”? Well, what the Smallest House in Great Britain lacks in square footage it makes up for in location. It’s located right on the river in Conwy, Wales, which is a charming medieval town that’s famous for its castle. The town also still has its protective walls in […]

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