A Tale of Two Camels


Turkey is hardly the camel capital of its region, but I was secretly hoping to see at least one during my trip. There's camel wrestling in Selcuk and Mulga, but I wasn't going to either place. And I didn't need to see the animals fighting each other. I just wanted to see a camel doing, well, whatever they do.

I didn't see any camels until my second full day in Cappodocia when I was on the group tour. First I saw the camel pictured above when I was in Pasabag (aka Monks Valley) looking at cool rock formations. When I approached him and began snapping photos, I expected someone to come out and ask me if I wanted a ride or at least ask me to pay a few Turkish Liras for posing with his camel. But no one bothered me, or the camel. I think that whatever price it might have been to ride the camel, the camel would have offered me double to skip the ride. That camel did not seem to be in the mood to move.

The next stop in the tour was Dervent Valley, which is also called Imagination Valley because if you use your imagination you can easily see what the rock formations resemble. My favorite was — you guessed it — the camel (pictured below). This camel seemed only slightly less interested in moving than the first one I met.


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  1. Ms Traveling Pants August 24, 2009 at 8:52 pm #

    Camels are interesting animals that is until you have ridden one. It is not comfortable and well they are tempermental.
    Ms Traveling Pants

  2. Angela
    Twitter: angelacorrias
    May 4, 2010 at 8:09 am #

    OMG that camel is gorgeous. I rode one in Abu Dhabi, but I felt guilty I made him work without reason. I hope to see camels soon, but I’ll just stroke them :-)

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