The 6th Edition of the Anywhere, Everywhere Travel Blog Carnival

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Anywhere, Everywhere Travel Blog Carnival. Normally, this carnival is on a Monday but it’s a little late this time because I’m traveling. (I’m in Vienna right now.) This carnival is in honor of July 4th, because who doesn’t want a little carnival fun on the 4th?

William Wallace presents Sanctuary In The Heart Of London For The Weary Traveller posted at London Is Cool. Here’s a great tip about the Cloisters of Westminster Abbey.

Amy @ The Q Family presents 10 Fun Aquariums for Family Sleepover posted at The Q Family Adventures Travel Blog. Talk about bringing a new meaning to the phrase “sleeping with the fishes”!

Thursday Bram presents Europe on the Cheap: Take the Train posted at Wise Bread. These are some useful tips if you’re planning a trip.

Heather Stein presents 5 Savvy Souvenirs posted at Sybilla Oritur. As someone who gets a little obsessed about souvenirs, I really enjoyed this piece.

Fiona Leonard presents Year In America: Window to New Orleans posted at Year In America. This is a nice piece about taking a tour to see the remaining devastation from Hurricane Katrina.

Cherie Ve Ard presents Travelogue: Texas to St. Louis posted at Tales from Technomadia. Cherie and Chris are a pair of full time technomads — traveling, living, working and playing in a small 17-foot solar-powered travel trailer with their kitten.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! Would you like to see your travel-related blog post in the next edition of’s Anywhere, Everywhere Travel Carnival? If so, submit your post here by June 28th. The next edition will be posted on Thursday, July 16.

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  1. Amy @ The Q Family July 6, 2009 at 10:55 pm #

    Great carnival and thanks for including my post. :) Looks like you have a great trip so far.

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