The Anywhere, Everywhere Travel Carnival Debuts

Before I started blogging, I had never heard of a blog carnival. Unlike a regular carnival, there are no rides, cotton candy or funnel cake. But similar to carnival, it’s a lot of fun and you never know exactly what to expect. For the very first Anywhere, Everywhere Travel Carnival, I received lots of submissions. Below are my favorite ones.

Ben Connor Barrie presents Chicken Buses posted at Grown Ass People. This is a great description about a very popular form of transportation in Guatemala.

Stormy Hickman presents We Have Arrived posted at Not just a weather report…. This humorous account of trying to use the Garmin GPS system will strike a chord in anyone who has ever experienced frustration with these devices.

Canelvr presents Paris by Night: Where to Go When the Eiffel Tower has Lost Its Sparkle posted at Tales from the Tip of My Tongue. Whether you’re planning your first trip to Paris or you 10th, you should check out these suggestions for exploring the City of Light in the dark.

Ivanisko presents European Book Fairs posted at Bookstore Guide. This list of 11 book fairs will make you want to ride the Eurail with a bag big enough for all of the great books you’ll want to buy.

Mr. Credit Card presents Foreign Transaction Fee For US Dollar Transactions! posted at Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog. Here, he tells us just one more hidden charge to be aware of when you’re traveling.

Would you like to see your travel-related blog post in the next edition of’s Anywhere, Everywhere Travel Carnival? If so, submit your post here.

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