A Quick Trip to Wellington, New Zealand

Today was a gorgeous day here in New York City — is spring finally here? — but I still felt a few pangs of wanderlust. Luckily, I came across Philip Newman’s blog about New Zealand, Newman Fresh Daily. Born and raised in NZ, Philip lives in the city of Manukau (which is close to Auckland) but tours around the country frequently filming informative travel videos. If you’re planning a trip to NZ, his videos can be a valuable resource in helping you choose what to put on your itinerary. (Although everything looks so beautiful it will still be hard to decide!) Even though I am not, alas, planning a trip Down Under, I enjoyed watching these videos and felt like I was on a virtual trip thanks to Philip’s great Kiwi accent. Below, I’ve posted one of his videos that I found particularly interesting — it’s about the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington. Have you ever seen the “Beehive”?

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  1. Heather Hapeta July 25, 2009 at 6:30 pm #

    For others who want a quick trip to New Zealand, check out my website and blogs ……. i live here in NZ – a real kiwi –

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