Just Back From… Paris in the Springtime


(photos by Marla Decker)

Is there anything more romantic than Paris in the springtime? Marla and Erik Decker returned yesterday from their first-ever trip to the City of Light. They had a wonderful time staying at the Hotel D’Aubusson, a charming boutique hotel in the 6th arrondissement, just a short stroll to the Notre Dame. Here, Marla shares her impressions and gives advice so you can plan a fabulous vacation to Paris too.

Favorite Activities: Erik loved the size and grandeur of the Louvre, and seeing the I. M. Pei pyramid in person did not disappoint. I loved walking the streets of the Ile Saint-Louis and visiting the quaint shops along the way, as well as stopping in for sorbet at the famous Berthillon. We also enjoyed a great meal at the “hidden” square on Pont Neuf.

Moulin The Friendly French: The French people were far friendlier than their reputation suggests. We had no problem not knowing a word of French aside from “merci” (which seems to go a long way). We came across English speakers in
pretty much every capacity that serve tourists — waiters, shopkeepers, taxi drivers, etc. We even had a French man approach us and offer us help reading a map!

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Even though you can’t smoke inside the restaurants anymore, you can still smoke at the (closely placed) outdoor tables, which is of course where you want to be. I was sitting elbow-to-elbow with a woman at the next
table, who smoked a cigarette right in my face while I was eating. We
found that to be quite unpleasant. Unfortunately, we had to sit inside to
avoid the smoke on other occasions.

Picasso Consider the Paris Museum Pass: We didn’t get the museum pass, which allows you unlimited access to the museums for a set price, but I wish we had. There were some museums we would have dropped into if we had the pass, but
didn’t want to pay the extra admission for what would likely be a short visit.

Drink Wine to Save Money: At the first cafe we went to, we ordered a Coke — and then found out it cost 7 euros. Ordering a glass of wine would have been cheaper!

3 Responses to Just Back From… Paris in the Springtime

  1. jen laceda April 17, 2009 at 3:38 pm #

    Love Paris! Can’t wait to go back! It’s a classic destination that will never die!

  2. marina k. villatoro May 6, 2009 at 12:00 pm #

    I love Paris, I’ve been there like 3 times and each time there is something new and amazing to do. It’s been years though since I’ve visited, I’m sure so much has changed and next time I go it would be like starting from scratch!

  3. Kael May 19, 2009 at 3:14 pm #

    hey my sister jen ( left comments here in april… and she just got back from paris marakech and barcelona..
    that is so cool..

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