Monkeys at the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge


I wish I could say that getting to the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge was half the fun — as I described in yesterday’s blog post, I enjoyed the two-hour ride through the Costa Rican countryside with a stop off at the Iguana Tree. However, our boat trip was on the Cano Negro section of the Rio Frio much, much more exciting because of all of the wildlife we saw. So I’d say getting there was more like 10% of the fun.

I came to Costa Rica wanting to see monkeys and, well, here were some great monkeys. The guide and captain were great about getting the boat over to the animals and not moving the boat until everyone had ample time to take their pictures — the tour was a photographer’s dream. We saw Spider Monkeys — the only time that we would see them on our whole trip. They get their name from their long limbs, which to me didn’t look that much longer than those of the Howler Monkeys.

I would have named them Masked Monkeys because it looks like they are wearing a mask around their eyes. We also saw Howler Monkeys, which we had gotten a glimpse of the day before on our way to go hiking at Arenal Volcano National Park. But these Howlers were much more fun — they were playing and jumping around. There was even a rare albino baby Howler that was a light orange color. Supposedly there were White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys in the area too, but we didn’t see any and were disappointed at the time. But no need to worry, as we saw plenty a few days later at Manuel Antonio National Park.

Here are some photos of the monkeys… Soon I will post photos of the birds and the lizards.

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