Everyone Must Have Been at the Wedding of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

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Yesterday, I wrote a post pondering why Jaco, Costa Rica, was completely empty when I was there on Tuesday. Well, today I have my answer: everyone had ventured northwest to Santa Teresa to get ready for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s wedding!

Santa Teresa is a surf town on the Nicoya peninsula that’s pretty trendy as far as Costa Rican surf towns go. It’s also where Leo DiCaprio gave his then-girlfriend Gisele a luxurious estate and that’s where Gisele and Brady tied the knot. (Ouch, getting married at the house your ex-boyfriend gave you is really rubbing it in, right? Especially, when you already had the official wedding in Santa Monica.) They had set up a tent on the balcony and exchanged vows on Saturday at sunset, according to

Now, the wedding was pretty small — only about 25 guests, so I suppose that wouldn’t completely explain why Jaco was completely empty on Tuesday. But, according to the AFP, reporters, paparazzi and people just excited by the hoopla began swarming Santa Teresa a few days before. People were taking the ferry from Puntarenas, which is just north of Jaco, and then went on foot to Santa Teresa (which sounds like a tough trek to me, but that’s what the AFP reports).

Before my vist to Jaco, I had been warned that it would be crowded and possibly a little dangerous. Well, it was empty and safe — although come nightfall I sure didn’t get that friendly feeling I had gotten elsewhere in the country. But over in Santa Teresa, at Tom and Gisele’s wedding is apparently where the real danger was taking place! According to, Brady and Bundchen’s bodyguards opened fire on some of the paparazzi photographers. That gives a new meaning to the words “shotgun wedding.”

Luckily, no one was hurt because an SUV took the brunt of the bullets. And Santa Teresa is usually much, much safer, so have no fears. If I was surfer, I most likely would have added the town to my itinerary. If you want to visit in Santa Teresa, you can stay where Gisele’s family stayed (and where she got dressed for the wedding) at Florblanca, a secluded luxury resort. Or, you can stay at Hotel Milarepa, which is where they held their rehearsal dinner. Both places look gorgeous on their websites and make me wish for the 1,000th time that I was still in Costa Rica.

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