Club Hopping Your Way Down NYC’s West 27th Street


I won’t even try to pretend that I’m out on at the clubs every night — or any night in recent memory. But luckily, guest blogger Trina Mezzacappa, who writes the nightlife-oriented Love, Your Favorite City Girl, is willing to share her expertise of what’s hot right now. She can’t promise you’ll get in, but she can promise you’ll have a memorable night out if you do.

For those of you who enjoy getting decked out and partying with pretty people, I bring you West 27th Street. Yes, the whole street. There’s a strip of clubs/lounges here that consist of some of the first-string players on the snootiest team in the world. You absolutely have to dress to impress if you want any hope of getting in. If the doorman doesn’t like you, you may be left waiting outside or may have to pay a higher cover charge (yes, it’s a little ridiculous like that).This used to be where to go if you wanted to spot a celebrity, but that changes all the time because the stars are always on to the next place. Even if you don’t spot any big names, Marquee, Pink Elephant and Cain Luxe — my three favorites — are still great hot spots to check out if you are visiting NYC and want a long night of partying.

Let’s start with Marquee and then move further west down the street. Marquee is a two/three room venue (I say two/thee because there is a smaller room under the stairs but it plays the same music as the main floor and is therefore too lame to be considered as its own room). The DJ on the top floor plays mostly hip hop/pop music and the DJ on the main floor plays mostly dance/techno music. However, when I recently went on a Saturday, the DJ on the main floor was playing a great mix of dance/techno/hip hop/pop music. It was fab because this is where the main dance floor can be found so there was lots of great music to dance to. The top floor DJ usually plays fun music, but there’s no real dance floor up there — people are constantly walking through which makes the area feel like one big hallway and makes dancing difficult.

Marquee is a good place to check out the weekend. I have been to their “Tuesday baby, Tuesday” party and… um… pass. The top floor was closed and the lounge was filled with a mess of sloppy people. It was not a good look.

The crowd at Marquee is generally a good mix of good-looking people and is more American as opposed to European (unlike most of the other spots on this street). If I had to, I would say that the majority of people who go there are in their mid-to-late 20s, but it does vary. Another plus to this one is that there’s no garbage with the doorman charging different people different prices to get in, it’s an even $20 cover for everyone. (Well, unless you know someone and you can get in free.)

Next, let’s go to Pink Elephant, which has only has one large room. The entrance way is very pretty when you walk in, but the rest of the lounge is pretty plain-looking. The DJ here is usually fun though, if you are into techno/house music. Once again, there is no real dance floor here, so it can get that hallway feeling. (It’s a reoccurring problem with these clubs.)

The crowd here is more European, and the majority of people again are in their mid-to-late 20s. The doorman here is unnecessarily picky about who gets in, more so than at Marquee. I cannot stress enough that you need to dress to impress here! Thursday nights bring in a pretty good size crowd; it’s enough to fill the club but not so much that you cannot move. Saturday nights on the other hand, bring a problem because the place is usually overcrowded. I don’t mean that in a good way, I mean that people may end up tripping over you.

Finally, we will skip down to Cain Luxe as our final stop on West 27th Street. Cain also only has one large room, but it’s more appealing inside than Pink Elephant. It’s supposed to have a kind of African vibe with its red-and-zebra-print walls, large fake elephant tusks and go go dancers in beaded outfits. On Friday nights, the DJ generally plays more dance/techno music and on Saturday nights, the DJ generally plays more pop/hip hop music. But, they do mix it up on both nights.

This place is a little smaller than Pink Elephant and is a lot smaller than Marquee, so I would recommend getting there before 1 AM because there is no guarantee that they will let anyone in once it gets full. I like this club because they usually don’t let it get overcrowded. The crowd here is also a little more European and again consists mostly of people in their mid-late 20s. Cain, as well as Pink Elephant, aims for having a very good-looking crowd and is very selective with who they let in.

Looking for more nightlife ideas? Check out Trina’s blog, Love, Your Favorite City Girl.

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