Don’t Get Too Excited by the Rates on

I am planning a somewhat last-minute trip to Costa Rica — I’m incredibly excited as I have always wanted go there — so I have been busy booking my accommodations online. I was looking on the usual booking suspects (,, etc.) when I came across the lesser-known I entered in my dates, number of people (two) and number of rooms (one) into the search box and was given plenty of choices at fantastic rates.

I was floored, thinking I had found the greatest website ever. After deliberating between a few choice hotels, I pressed the “book it” button. The next page gave me the total rates for my stay and it was way more than I had thought it would be. Confused, I was kept looking at the breakdown trying to figure out where extra cost was coming from. Was it some hidden fee? Were the prices listed on the previous page the minimum price, when I was staying during high season? I decided to return to the search results to try to figure out what was going on.

When I looked again, I immediately saw what was going on. The prices were listed per guest nightly, not per room nightly. It says that right under the price in a light gray font. Since I had said we were two guests, the prices were being listed at 50%. (Imagine I had said we were four guests — the prices really would have seemed amazing.) But since I am traveling with my husband, I don’t really look at the cost of a room as per guest, I just look at the cost of the room as a whole. Although perhaps I should try that next time I am trying to convince him to stay somewhere expensive — hey, look at the price per guest! may have some good deals on there, but they didn’t the terrific rates I thought I was getting. So remember, always check the gray print!

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