Top 10 Reasons Why San Francisco Is Sexy

Guest blogger Kathryn Vercillo says San Francisco is one of the sexiest city in the world. And she should know. She's got a blog called San Francisco is Sexy that covers everything from burlesque to romantic restaurants to exotic art to X-rated events that could only happen in the City by the Bay.

San Francisco is one of the sexiest cities in the world. It’s a beautiful place with stunning views, interesting people and lots of creative energy pulsing through it. Just walking through the streets of San Francisco, feeling the hum of the cable cars and listening to conversations being held in other languages, you'll feel sexier than you do back at home. Why not take advantage of this sexy energy when you visit the city by making it a point to see a combination of tourist-oriented and locally-loved sights that all have a side of sexiness to them?

Here are 10 ways to explore why San Francisco is Sexy.

1. Visit the city’s sexiest neighborhoods. San Francisco is very neighborhood-oriented and each of the city’s neighborhoods has a different vibe. Some — the gay-friendly Castro, European-filled North Beach, in-transition SoMA — are sexier than others. Focus your trip on activities in the city’s sexiest neighborhoods and you’re sure to have a great time in the city.

2. Take a tour of San Francisco’s phallic structures. There are a whole slew of buildings and structures in San Francisco that have a phallic look to them and many of them happen to also be famous tourist attractions. Create an itinerary that takes you to the phallic structures of Coit Tower, Sutro Tower and even The Golden Gate Bridge.

3. Eat dinner at one of San Francisco’s sexiest restaurants. There are many different restaurants in San Francisco that are sexy but there are some that really stand out as places where sexiness is served on your plate. See the super-hot gender illusionist performers at Asia SF while dining on a multi-course meal there. Or eat dinner on a bed at the Supperclub. Or do "blind dining" (also known as dining in the dark) at Opaque. Or simply enjoy the aphrodisiacs of oyster for dinner and chocolate for dessert at Absinthe in Hayes Valley.

4. See a burlesque show. Burlesque has been around for a really long time but it’s just been making a serious comeback in the 21st century in some of the nation’s most creative cities. There are several different burlesque troupes in San Francisco offering shows that range from PG to adults-only so it may be worth it to do a little research to find the one that’s right for you. Some names to start your search with include Red Hots Burlesque, Burlesqueteers, Hubba Hubba Revue and Little Minsky’s.


5. Attend one of San Francisco’s sexiest annual events. There is some sort of sexy annual event happening every single month in San Francisco. There are the leather-oriented street festivals (Dore Alley in July and Folsom Fair in September), the LGBT Pride parade in June, the Sex Worker’s Art Festival in January and tons of other annual events including body art expos, wine festivals, steamy film fests, fetish parties and fashion affairs.

6. Take a sexy walking tour. What better way to see any city that you’re visiting than to take a walking tour of that city? There are loads of different sexy ones including the Bawdy and Naughty Tour, a tour for Cruisin’ the Castro, an Insider’s Tour of North Beach Strip Clubs and even a set of tours actually called San Francisco Sexy Tours.

7. Take a sexy class. The great thing about the sexy side of San Francisco is that it’s not all smutty — a lot of it is really smart. There are tons of opportunities for sex education in San Francisco. This could be as innocuous as learning how to pole dance or as intense as a couples class in advanced bondage. With tons of opportunities to get educated in something new, why not take this chance to meet some locals while you travel to San Francisco?

8. Enjoy a hot literary event. If words get you all hot and bothered then go see sexy people read at one of the many steamy literary events around the city. Regular (mostly monthly) events to check the calendars of include Writers with Drinks at The Makeout Room, Sizzle at Femina Potens, Perverts Put Out, K’Vetch at Eros and the SF Poetry Slam at Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory inside the Center for Sex and Culture.

9. Buy something sexy to wear. There are tons of designer stores in SF but a better bet is to shop in a local boutique. There are lingerie stores (OOMA in North Beach is a good one), leather stores (try Stormy Leather in SoMA or Worn Out West in The Castro) and costume stores (Piedmont in the Haight). Take something sexy home with you when you leave San Francisco.

10. Take sexy photographs. Take tons of pictures of all of the sexy things that you experience so that you can make a sexy scrapbook when you get home. And if you want to do something special while you’re in the city, there are several different places where you can get great professional boudoir photos done of yourself.

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