First Prize: One Year of Free Travel on Spirit, Second Prize: Two Free Years

When I saw that Spirit Airlines was giving away one year's worth of free travel in its new contest I couldn't resist making that joke in the headline — a spin on the old joke about first prize being one week in Philadelphia and second prize being two weeks in Philadelphia. Spirit Airlines has more than its fair share of detractors, but I'm actually not one of them. I took my first flight on Spirit this fall (from La Guardia to Fort Lauderdale) and it was on time to the minute.

The contest is called "How Low Can You Go?" as a reference to the airline's low fares and to the rules of the contest: you have to submit a short video of yourself doing something "crude, lewd and just plain low down" like taking money out of a church collection basket of spitting in someone's drink when they weren't looking. Those are their examples, not mine, and I think you're going to have come up with something a lot more outrageous than that if you're going to take home the grand prize of a year of free travel for you and a companion. The deadline is Monday, March 16th. For more details, click here.

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