That Hitchhiker Was a Real Snake


(photo of Kruger Park by Jeremy Sharff)

Having a fly buzzing around your car while you're driving can be annoying. But how about taking a 170-km. ride with a slithering Mozambique Spitting Cobra?

According to South Africa's Beeld, IIda and Gordon Parratt were leaving the country's famous Kruger National Park when they suspected something unwanted was inside their car. They stopped at a reptile park in Hazyview, but the staff there didn't find anything even after removing (and then replacing) several panels in the vehicle. They drove on for three more hours, and then the cobra reared its ugly head and wrapped its 85-cm.-long body around Gordon's leg. Amazingly, Gordon stayed cool despite the heavy traffic, pouring rain and, oh, the presence of a snake whose venom can be blinding. Eventually, the Mozambique Spitting Cobra was removed by a snake expert — neither the man nor the snake was harmed.

To read the story, click here.

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