Spend the Night in Chicago From the Comfort of Your Own Home With Sleepover 2.0

Have you been wanting to visit Chicago but didn't want to brave the cold? Or pony up the cash for a flight and hotel? Well, starting this Saturday at 4 PM and ending Sunday morning at 10 AM, you can spend the night at Chicago's Hotel Sax without leaving the comfort of your own home thanks to Sleepover 2.0. Nine women are getting together and creating what seems like their own talk/reality show, broadcasting their talk-a-thon over the web. According to the website, it's a diverse group of accomplished professional women so hopefully their exchanges will be interesting — and they will be welcoming guests too. One incentive to tune is that they be giving away a variety of prizes. This may be the ultimate PR stunt, but at least it has an interesting tech angle. And at least the teched-out Chairman's Suite at the Hotel Sax should be pretty nice — and I'm sure they will be showing it off throughout the evening.

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