Do Your Inauguration Photos Belong in a Museum?

Were you among the millions who traveled to Washington, DC, to celebrate Barack Obama‘s inauguration? Did you venture to Chicago for election night? Travel around a swing state knocking on doors and attending rallies? And perhaps you snapped a few photos during these historic moments? If you’re seeking a wider audience for your Obama—themed photography than just your family and friends, here’s a contest that may interest you.

The deadline for the Fotobamaweek contest sponsored by FotoWeek DC and the Newseum, a very cool — and newly reopened  — museum in Washington about the media industry, is March 15th. They are giving away $5,000 in prizes but what’s even more exciting is that the top 100 winning photographs will be displayed at the Newseum for three months this summer and published in a limited edition book. Unfortunately there is an entry fee but it isn’t too high: $15 from now through the 8th, and $25 after that. For more details, click here.

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