Shopping in NYC on a Non-Existent Budget

It's never been a better time to visit New York City for the shopping. Stores are practically begging you to take the merchandise off their hands by offering steep discounts. But if you've blown your limited clothing budget on dining, Broadway tickets and museums entry fees instead (hey, nothing wrong with that!), fear not. A new store just opened (and was visited by the NY Post) called the Free Store because, well, everything in it is free. New Yorkers love a good bargain and you can't do better than free. The store is at 99 Nassau Street (near Wall Street — oh the irony!) and "sells" a variety of second-hand/donated items. has a good piece describing how the store works, but basically it's run by two artists who received $9,000 from Grants for Arts in Public Spaces and shoppers barter by donating something in exchange for what they take. It seems like you can barter with almost anything — you're only limited by your conscience. Good luck if you go, you may end up with the ultimate souvenir as they say one person's trash is another one's treasure.

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  1. Marilyn February 28, 2009 at 11:51 pm #

    Now that gives the thrift stores a run for their money…I hope the artists pull great inspiration from the things that get donated…great post!

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