Would Your Dress Like a Complimentary Beverage?

Brenda Janowitz, blogger and author of two hilarious novels about weddings, Scot on the Rocks and Jack With a Twist, contemplates a dilemma that many brides must confront with her trademark humor, of course.

As if planning a wedding wasn’t expensive enough, Ryanair airlines now announces that if you are traveling with your wedding dress on one of its flights, you need to purchase an extra seat for your dress.

It’s worthy to note that the regulation does state that you must purchase the extra seat only if your dress does not fit in an overhead bin. So, yes, they are suggesting that your dream dress — the dress you’ve waited your whole life to wear — you try to stuff into an overhead bin.

Okay, I’ve been on planes before. Who on earth is going to put their wedding dress, of all things, in an overhead bin? I barely want to put my winter coat in there most of the time.

I can just see it now: you put your dress in the overhead bin, your fellow passengers shove in their too-big-to-really-qualify-as-a-carry-on-bag-carry-on bags all around your dream dress, and then an overzealous flight attendant takes your wedding dress to the back of the plane where there’s more room.

Then, you forget your damn wedding dress on the plane.

So, I guess purchasing a seat for the dress isn’t so crazy after all. But it does bring up a series of important questions: Does your dress get a complimentary beverage? Do you have to buckle your dress in? Can your dress sit in an exit row?

Getting married locally is sounding better and better.

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