Um, How Did I Miss Seeing Kirsten Dunst at the Whitney?

I was at the coat check at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC, deep in thought about the Alexander Calder: exhibit I had just seen. I was thinking about how Calder truly exercised his imagination, creating wire sculptures of animals, faces and figures like no one had ever seen before. Not to mention his mobiles — they had to create the word "mobile" to describe his hanging art.

So here I am contemplating creativity and congratulating myself for having spent such an enriching afternoon, and the staff at the coat check ask me if I saw Spiderman's girlfriend. At first I thought maybe I missed some important work of art, so I responded with an evasive giggle-shrug. Then I wised up. "Oh, you mean Kirsten Dunst?"

Apparently, Kirsten had left about 15 minutes ago. She and I had been roaming the galleries at the same time. Maybe we were even in the same room at the same time — the Whitney isn't that big. On this cold January weekday afternoon, the museum was practically empty, which is perfect if you're a celebrity who doesn't want to be bothered or someone who just wants to enjoy the art. According to the coat check guy, Kirsten comes by fairly regularly at off times like this.

So I left the museum, elated that I had seen "Alexander Calder: The Paris Years" before it closes on Feb. 15th but disappointed that I had missed a good celeb sighting. If you miss the Whitney exhibit, Calder Jewelry will be on display at the Metropolitan Museum through March 1st. And if you miss Kirsten Dunst, you can rent one of her movies.

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