What’s on Your Itinerary for 2009?


Hawaii is one of the New York Times' 44 Places to Go in 2009.

A new year brings new opportunity to travel, as well as a new opportunity for list-makers. In the past few weeks, newspapers and magazines have been publishing their predictions for what will be the travel hot spots for 2009. Let's see where they think you should — and will — go.

The New York Times recommends 44 Places for you to check out this year. Three are Obama-themed: Hawaii (his birthplace), Chicago (where he's spent his career) and Washington. What happened to visiting Kogelo, Kenya, the birthplace of our president's father? Paris isn't on the NYT list, but Deauville, a resort town in Normandy, and Metz, which is getting a branch of the Centre Pompidou, are. Sweden also scored two spots for Stockholm and Fjallnas, a remote Northern town.

Of Budget Travel magazine's top 10 picks, four are the same as NYT's: Berlin, Hawaii, Reykjavik and Washington. With its financial woes, Reykjavik has indeed become a budget traveler's dream. Austin made the BT's list for its music scene, while NYT chose Dallas for its upcoming performance arts center.

Conde Nast Traveler chose 10 emerging destinations for "The It List 2009." Some clearly fall into that category, like Bolivia and the Central Philippines, known for its great surfing and snorkeling. Others are a bit of a stretch, like New York City, which is re-emerging, according to CNT, as an affordable destination because of the recession.

There are 29 places on Shermans Travel's list, including nine in the U.S. such as Sarasota, FL, and of course Washington. They also have a few in the Caribbean. It's almost more of a budget-oriented list than Budget Travel's. But for those who have cash to spare, Victoria Falls is the lone option in Africa.

Black Book only offers us five hot spots but it's so nice to see that the oft-overlooked Kansas City, a mecca for blues and BBQ, made the list. So did Peru. Lithuania's beautiful capital, Vilnius, also made the cut (and CNT's too). Vilnius is a European Capital of Culture for 2009, as is Linz, but it didn't appear in any lists that I saw.

What do you think the hot spots will be this year? Where are you planning to go?


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