Looking for the Best Job in the World?


Paging all those who are unemployed. And those who are worried they might lose their jobs in the next six months. And those who have ever dreamed of living on a remote tropical island.

Well, that should cover most of you.

Tourism Queensland (as in Australia) has just launched a global search to fill "The Best Job in the World." And it certainly does sound that way. They're looking for an "Island Caretaker" to live on Hamilton Island in a three-bedroom house with a plunge pool for six months for $100,00 (AUD $150,000). The Caretaker's main responsibility is to report back on the adventures of living above the Great Barrier Reef through weekly blog entries, photo diaries and video updates.

To apply, send a one-minute video explaining why you're the best one for the gig and demonstrating your knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef. Don't know that much about it? Check out and an online magazine called You have to upload your video to the official website,, by the Feb. 22nd deadline. They'll fly their short list down for interviews in May. The Caretaker starts on July 1st.

If any of you win, I hope you'll invite me down to visit. I won't stay too long, just a few weeks.


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  1. Billy LetsBuyIt November 10, 2009 at 10:07 am #

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