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Best Apps for 2-Year-Olds for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Best Apps for Two-Year-Olds When Traveling With #Inteltablets

How did parents travel with your children before tablets? Thankfully, I have no idea because I had my son in 2010 and my daughter in 2014! Fun and educational apps on our Samsung Galaxy tablet have gotten us through long (and short!) plane rides, restaurant meals and downtime in hotel room and vacation rentals, where there are never enough toys. The Samsung tablet is an invaluable traveling companion when it’s loaded with stellar apps for kids. Here are my picks for the best apps (all $.99 or free) for traveling two-year-olds:

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Sandhammaren is Sweden's longest beach.

Is There Summer in Sweden?

Is there summer in Sweden? Why yes there is, and I experienced it firsthand two years ago. It may not have been hot but it’s warm and often it’s even sunny — especially in the South.  While some Swedes go really far South (hopping on flights to the Mediterranean), many prefer to drive to the country’s [...]

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